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Diagnosis and Consultation


This is one of our most effective services, especially if our client takes advantage of it prior to construction of their home, major renovations or additions, or design and installation of hardscape features such as new swimming pools, water features, gazebos, irrigation systems, or exterior lighting.  Each phase of construction poses mild to mortal threats to trees.  Many times an individual tree is worth far more than the improvement to the property.


With over forty-five years of working with home builders, developers, and municipalities, we are intimately familiar with each phase of development and construction.  We are most effective when engaged to assist our clients before they even purchase a property, whether it is raw land, a lot, or an established home.  You, the buyer should know whether the existing tree population is an asset, or a liability that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  Proper planning allows us to help trees cope with incredible invasions of their root zones.  We have the experience, dedication, and technology to reduce construction related mortalities to nearly zero.  Working from the front end of the project, we can keep over all tree preservation costs far lower than if we are called after the construction is complete.  Honestly, we can’t save some trees that have been battered beyond hope during a months long project.  But many of those same trees could have been saved if our tree preservation methods were integrated into the project.


For those with an established business or home that suddenly experiences tree or landscape problems, we approach the problem quite differently than most competitors.  Our goal is to identify the factors that have compromised plant health.  It is seldom a single factor that has caused the symptoms that caused our clients’ concern.  Often we find a half dozen stress factors, each contributing to poor plant performance.  Trees can often withstand one or two issues, but can succumb to a multitude of stresses.


If such stress factors are not corrected or modified, then costly insect and disease control measures may be required on a frequent basis.  We have had clients relate that their ‘tree guy’ had been spraying their trees several times annually, for YEARS.  We can often adjust watering, nutrition, and other management practices to eliminate these stress factors, and eliminate the issues that predisposed the trees to annual insect or disease problems.


When we visit a site to address a problem with a single tree, we examine the entire site.  We don’t just look at the one sick or infested tree.  We also closely examine all the other trees, shrubs, and turf.  We also gather as much information about routine maintenance, such as nutrition provisions, weed control measures, and irrigation system settings as possible.  With a solid understanding of the entire system’s operation, we can then set up a management program for our client that can virtually eliminate serious problems in the future.

 We do not insist that we do all the labor or provide all the materials for our management plan.  We have many clients that do ninety percent of the work themselves.  However, they are now doing what is most productive!  That saves them a tremendous amount of money to have dependable, inexpensive, shade, and a beautiful landscape.