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Safety First!


Anytime workmen are involved in planting, pruning, or removing large trees there is a significant element of risk. Recognizing this risk, ASI directs a great deal of training and supervision time towards safety. As a result, during nearly three decades of existence, ASI has not experienced a single hospitalized employee, nor any significant property damage. We care about our employees and clients. ASI has a 38-year history free from time lost injury accidents. Our most significant property damage event has never exceeded one hundred dollars. Even so, we are insured for your protection with General Liability and Workers Compensation!  We have never had any claims resulting of work on any client’s property.

We have achieved this record of safety by hiring only top quality personnel and setting a high standard of behavior and performance for all personnel.  We do not tolerate drug use or alcohol abuse.  Anyone requiring medical treatment that involves prescription drugs that are known to hinder mental or physical function is placed on furlough or office duty until the medical treatment is concluded and it is safe for them to return to field work.




We will have our insurance broker provide you with a copy of our Certificate of General Liability and our Certificate of Workers Compensation policies upon request.  These certificates can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to our clients.  We, however, do not have copies of these certificates in our office.  They can only be provided directly to you from our insurance broker’s office.


There are contractors and businesses that will hand you a certificate.  It very well may be a forgery.  Some years ago, when we employed a subcontractor on a large project, we were unaware of this quite common practice.  Insurance is not inexpensive, even when you have the highest safety record in the state, so some are motivated to ‘save’ money by exposing you to financially devastating events.

 Forging a certificate is all too easy.  So, if someone hands you an insurance certificate, you must call to verify the policy number, the expiration date, and all the contact information for the company providing the certificate.  Insurance agencies and brokers will not send their client a copy of that certificate!  They will only send it to the named party where the work will take place (you!).  It is strongly advised that you do not inadvertently shoulder all the legal liability of an accident that takes place on your property.  Our industry is largely unregulated, so there are all too many representing themselves as professionals who do not protect their clients.  So, please be aware and don’t allow these types to victimize you.